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Giselle B. Fontenele 

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Hi, I'm Giselle,
A Certified Advanced Akashic Records Reader.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, to a Latinx-Middle Eastern family. I pursued studies in anthropology, religion, theatre, storytelling, and ritual during my undergraduate career at Boston University. I am a healer, writer, and theatre director. I find joy in creative expression and collaboration, being around children, and connecting folks to their soul-truths. I have been a practicing Akashic Records Reader since 2015.

What is the Akashic Records?

It is a universal database that holds the information of all that has ever happened in the universe and the possibilities of what can happen.

Every person has their own set of information in the Records. It may also be useful to think about the Records as a library. In this “library,” you have your own book filled with the story of your current life, the stories of past lives, and the possibilities of what your life may be.

What Role Can the Akashic Records Play in My Life?

In your session, you can ask about your life purpose, life transitions, career, finances, relationships, creativity, health, and more. You will receive clarifying, wise, insightful, and compassionate responses from the Records. You will be held in a space of non-judgment. 

About Me

I am a Certified Advanced Akashic Records Reader, practicing since 2015. I trained with Certified Akashic Records Instructor Holly Hawkins-Marwood of Soul Genesis, Inc., in the Linda Howe tradition. I am a creative and curious person with a passion for helping folks align themselves with their own truths.

Role of the Reader

My role as a Reader is to facilitate communication between you and your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. Think of them like your spirit guides, guardian angels, or unseen helpers, including your ancestors. With your permission, I will access your own set of records. Once I am there, your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones will retrieve information from your records and communicate it to me, which I will then communicate to you.


Uplifting, supportive, & enlightening

“Receiving a reading from Giselle was tremendously uplifting, supportive, and enlightening. She and my MTLOs helped me to envision and begin navigating a huge and overwhelming life change, and their advice (and Giselle’s easy way of channeling it) has stuck in my mind and my heart, bringing peace in times of fear.”


Music Director and Composer

Clear, calm, & thorough

“Giselle's reading of the Akashic Records was a lovely experience. She presented a clear, calm, and thorough connection to intuitive insight that brought ease and understanding to decisions that I'm moving through and into as well as wholesome confirmation of ancestral support. I'm so grateful to have had the session with her.”

Lucas Brown

Artivist, Educator, Well-dipper, Life-Playpal

Loving, authentic, & supportive

“Giselle has been my go-to Akashic Records Reader for over 4 years! She holds a loving, authentic, and supportive space and brings you into connection with your soul’s wisdom.


Through the supportive space she holds and the clarity her readings provide, her sessions have helped me overcome limiting patterns and gain valuable perspective on personal situations, such as purpose, career, romantic partnerships, and family.


Giselle has helped me to see the big picture and has given me practical daily advice that has helped me to overcome my obstacles and reach my goals. Ultimately, her Akashic Record readings have brought me into a deeper connection to both my soul and spiritual guides' wisdom during the times I needed it most. I wholeheartedly recommend her.”

Dana Kurlander

Reiki & Alchemy Crystal Bowl Practitioner

What Clients Are Saying...

Put a lot of things into perspective

“My records reading really helped me put a lot of things into perspective. Giselle guided me through the whole process with care and compassion. She helped me get in touch with my guides and mentors and allowed me to really pick apart aspects of my life that I had been ignoring. I have a better understanding of certain problems I have been facing time and time again and a better understanding of how to heal myself, moving forward.”


So much love from my higher self

“In our session, I was faced with unconscious aspects of myself that I hadn't yet addressed in my life. I felt so much love from my higher self in being shown these parts of myself, not shame. 


The reading specifically showed me the importance of using my hands in my healing practice. It was something I had an inkling about before but Knowing this helped to shift the direction of my practice.”

Energy Healer

Ready For Your Akashic Adventure?

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