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How the Akashic Records Transformed My Life

I want to lead you on your Akashic Adventure because the Akashic Records have healed me in tremendous ways. I use this tool daily to help guide me through this crazy, confusing, maddening, and profoundly beautiful world. I go into my Records often to understand why someone has come into my life and what lessons we have to learn from each other. I go into my Records to know how to schedule my day. I go into my Records to get tools to release anger. I visit my Records to feel held. I used my Records as I wrote this to stay focused and judgment-free of my own writing process.


The most important way the Akashic Records has shifted my life, though, was to give me permission to follow my soul path. When I was taking classes to become an Akashic Records Reader, I was still in college and struggling to figure out which career to pursue. I had gone into college as an International Relations (IR) major with the intent of working in international politics. But the content of the IR classes felt violent, focused on war and countries’ tactics to dominate each other. The major didn't involve enough art or creative expression, and I felt a calling in my chest to have these things in my life.


I knew I wanted to pursue theatre, but I experienced great resistance from my family. I felt like I was in a crisis because I knew what I wanted, yet I didn't have my loved ones’ permission to go after it. I looked for answers with friends, professors, the local Hindu priest, and a shamanic singer. I fought with my family often, and cried frequently because I was being stretched in two different directions. I didn't want to let my family down, but I also needed to listen to the calling in my chest.


In one of the Akashic Records classes, I asked my Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones, "Why does my family feel so much resistance around this path I want to follow? How can I overcome this? Why do I feel such an intense calling towards theatre?" I received my first peek into a past life that I have since visited often. In this life, I was an actor, director, and writer in England around the Elizabethan era. Visiting that past life, I felt that I was in my previous body, feeling exactly what I had felt at that time: extreme sorrow, isolation, and pain.


I couldn't get the painful images from that life out of my head. A family member from that life had carried much of that into our current life together.


While the rest of the students at the Akashic Records class were talking over lunch, I crouched down on the grass of my teacher’s backyard, holding my chest, sobbing. This past life's baggage took hold of me and all I could do was grieve. I couldn’t lift myself off the ground. My teacher approached me and told me that I was still in the Records even though I had said the closing prayer. She helped me process what I was going through and brought me to the other side of the pain. I was changed. 


This reading helped me understand why my family was so afraid for me to be a theatre artist again. My family and I had experienced much hardship, pain, and fear in this past life, and the memory of it was gripping my family in the present. Seeing all this helped me release that fear, which I realized I was carrying for them. It also showed me just how important it was for me to become a theatre artist (again).


I am a theatre director now. It brings me so much joy and pride to see productions I’ve directed being performed on stage. I love watching as a show I’ve helmed shifts the energy of an entire group of people. Communal energy shifts are what I live for, and theatre is where I find them. Without the Akashic Records, I honestly don’t know if I would have found my way to this path.


This is why I want to share the Akashic Records with others. It is a constant source of healing, support, and clarity for me. And I think we can always use a little bit of these. It is an honor to remind folx that they are never alone when I channel their Masters, Teachers, and Loved ones. There is always support. 

I felt so much love from my higher self

“In our session, I was faced with unconscious aspects of myself that I hadn't yet addressed in my life. I felt so much love from my higher self in being shown these parts of myself, not shame. 


The reading specifically showed me the importance of using my hands in my healing practice. It was something I had an inkling about before, but Knowing this helped to shift the direction of my practice.”

Energy Healer

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